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All check-in will be done online and a link will be provided later.  To complete the online check-in, each team will be certifying that:

1) rosters are finalized and presentable to officials before the start of each game if requested

2) player cards (virtual cards will be accepted), including guest players’ cards, are complete

3) all medical waivers are completed and will be in the possession of coaches during games

4) coaches are kidsafe certified and will wear kidsafe badges during games


Team, Player and Coach Credential Check:

Each team must be able to present its validated roster and player cards (if applicable) to either a Tournament Official or the Referee team before the start of each match, if requested. A player may play for only one team in the tournament and must be listed on the approved roster. If a player plays in a game and is not properly registered, the team will automatically forfeit that game and may face further penalties as determined by the Tournament Director and/or Home Association. The wearing of hard casts, under the discretion of the referee, must be covered by a padded sleeve.

Josh McCreight

Josh McCreight

Vice President of Operations