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Referees & Laws of Soccer

Have you thought about becoming a USSF certified soccer referee?

We are offering a number of courses this summer. Those who pass will be USSF certified referees. This could be a good opportunity for you to learn a new skill, develop your leadership and confidence and make some really good money!! 

New entry level course listings are now posted on:

Have you thought about becoming a USSF certified soccer referee?


Entry level courses are currently being offered as follows:




Registration is through:


Link to Registration



This online module is for new, first time referees that have not been previously certified or registered.

Grassroots referees can officiate competitive, small-sided or recreational youth and amateur adult matches.


In order to certify as a First Time Grassroots Referee, you must meet the following national eligibility standards:

  • 13 years or older

Please be advised some states may have a different age limitation. Please reach out to your state referee committee if you have any questions:

Course Requirements

First Time Grassroots Referees completing registration through the Learning Center must complete the following requirements.

  • Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
  • SafeSport (if 18 years or older)
  • Online Grassroots Referee Course Module
  • First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz
  • U.S. Soccer Federation Gold Standard NCSI Background Check (if 18 years or older)

If your state is not utilizing the Learning Center for registration this background check may not apply to you.

  • Attend an in-person session hosted by their respective State Referee Committee

Please note some states may have additional requirements. If you are not certain about your state’s requirements please contact your state referee committee:

Once enrolled in a course, please contact your course instructor with any additional questions.

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