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Field Status

Rainout & Field Closure Information

If you have games scheduled in Mont Belvieu, Baytown, Clearlake, etc. please check their rain out info on the BHYSC & BAYSA websites.

When rain is forecasted, BHYSC will be checking the status of the fields at approximately 7:30am on Saturday to make a determination on the status of the fields. That decision will be posted on our website as soon as it’s available.  If you have the 8am game it’s entirely possible/probable the decision will NOT be made and the website updated prior to your planned arrival at the fields. The assumption must be that the fields are open until informed otherwise.

Inclement weather policy: BHYSC always takes the safety & health of the players first. It is our attempt to give the guidelines to parents, coaches, & referees as to when and if games need to be canceled or suspended. All coaches are given a group chat to get field information. Parent should use this website to view field information. As always if you as a parent feel that it is unsafe for your child to play, you have the right to pull your player for safety concerns. If BHYSC has not canceled or suspended games.

Rain Out Policy: Fields can be closed at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation department of the City of Mont Belvieu if they feel they are too wet, otherwise BHYSC will determine if to play in the rain. If lighting is within 5 miles, the game(s) should be suspended and shelter sought. BHYSC s a lighting detector which can identify the distance accurately but may not available to the public. A rough guideline is to measure the time between the lighting flash and hearing the corresponding thunder. If it is 30 seconds or less, seek shelter. It may not be possible to determine which lighting strike generated which roll of thunder to clear the field.

Cold weather policy: BHYSC will cancel or postpone any game in which the *ambient temperature is 35 degrees or lower. In the event of cold weather higher than 35 degrees players are allowed to wear additional clothing under the uniform. Examples of acceptable additional clothing are: Long sleeve, long pants, extra socks, gloves or mittens, stocking caps (without straps), jackets, headbands ( with plastic or metal pieces), scarves. Final decision for allowing a player to play rest with the referees and BHYSC Officials.  

Hot weather policy: At any game in which the *ambient temperature is 90 degrees or higher, or at the request to both coaches , mandatory 2 minute water breaks will be given during each half of play in U10 & up. U8 and under play quarters therefore already have a break after 10-12 minutes of play.

*Ambient is defined here as the outside temperature regardless of wind chill, ‘real feel’, humidity or any other conditions.